Keep Calm and Log On : Practical and Ethical Issues in the Changing Digital Landscape of Psychotherapy

Keep Calm and Log On : Practical and Ethical Issues in the Changing Digital Landscape of Psychotherapy


This 3-week online course is designed to help you increase your competency in the use of technology in your psychotherapy practice. Many therapists are fearful of the risks and fail to take full advantage of the advances that will assist them in their day to day practice.

Course Type : Live Online

Credits : 3

Date / Time :

Week 1 : March 20th, 2019 @ 7-8 pm PST

Week 2 : March 27th, 2019 @7-8 pm PST

Week 3 : April 4th, 2019 @7-8 pm PST

Location : Zoom Video Webinar ( meeting invite will be sent

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Course Content


Week 1: Intro to Technology-Enabled Therapy

Learn about the various technologies that therapists can use to improve client outcomes, reduce paperwork and connect securely. Whether you are using technology as an adjunct to face to face sessions or offering distance therapy, there are so many ways to make use of digital tools to increase your impact.


Week 2: Best Practice with Digital Tools

Like it or not – clients love this convenient way of communicating with their therapists. Avoid the pitfalls without abandoning the technology – and learn about the best ways to document these communications in your clinical records. Whether all of your sessions are distance or one off emergencies – learn the strategies you need to ensure that you are working effectively via phone or video conference. Feel confident that you can work effectively at a distance and give your clients an important option when they need it the most.


Week 3: Ethical Issues

Understand how to evaluate whether a particular technology is safe to use and ensure that you know how to use it well yourself. We will also discuss various ethical issues that pop up in the use of new technology and how to protect the privacy of your clients. We will cover issues of informed consent and risk management for distance clients in this important session. Whether your client is face to face or seeing you via telehealth – know what to do when there is an emergency, especially when it happens outside of your jurisdiction.



Your Instructor

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Christine has always been interested in how technology can improve clinical care. She is the owner of a busy private practice in Vancouver, Canada and teaches other therapists about how they can reduce their workload and their paperwork. Christine is also a member of the Department of Psychology at BC Children's Hospital, and an Adjunct Professor in Department of Psychology at UBC. She is CACBT-certified in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.